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Judge/Owner Education

Leonberger Owners

The Leonberger Club of America works with Leonberger University to assist in educating everyone interested by providing an engaging learning environment of continuing education programs in all areas of Leonberger interest.   Leo owners can also benefit from the resources linked at the bottom of this page.

Judges Education

We invite you to make your education of the Leonberger breed a priority and attend a judge’s education seminar. We also encourage you to invite an LCA mentor to join you ringside or at your next Leonberger judging assignment. We invite you to attend a regional and/or national club specialty when geographically accessible. You will find a warm andJEC-handson welcoming community at any Leonberger Club of America event. Please seek out the Leonbergers attending AKC shows and take a moment to go over the dogs informally. Our members will gladly spend time with you.

We have spent 25 years showing and breeding Leonbergers based on their FCI, European background from which the AKC Standard has been developed. In order to keep our heritage, we ask you to look at the total dog, what they should be in form, type, temperament and structure.

The Leonberger entered the AKC Working Group in July of 2010. The LCA has developed a custom presentation to train AKC Judges in the how to properly judge our breed. Toward this end, the LCA schedules Judge’s Education seminars and mentoring at shows and Judge’s organizations across the country. Agi Hejja or Alida Greendyk co-chair the Leonberger Club of America’s AKC Judges Education program.

You can review a recorded education seminar (requires registration) at

Upcoming Judges Education Seminars with Hands On and ringside mentoring:

Leonberger Club of America Judges Education 

Contact person for information and suggestions:

Agi Hejja
3831 Broad Street Road
Gum Spring, VA 23065-2135
804 556-6937
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Short History of the Leonberger
Judging the Leonberger by Agi Hejja
Notes from AKC judge Eva Berg 2010
Notes from Club Judges Guido Perosino and Maria Kerekes 2010

Breeders Roundtable 2012 (mp3 file)

An Illustrated Standard
of the Leonberger

Also available for purchase at:


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