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The Leonberger Club of America, Inc., (LCA) was founded in 1985. The Leonberger Club of America is the oldest and largest Leonberger breed club in the United States. The core purpose of the club is to preserve the health, temperament, and type of the breed.

The club operates under a Constitution and Bylaws and is led by a Board of Directors.  The business, property, and affairs of the Leonberger Club of America are managed by this Board of Directors. The LCA Board of Directors meets face to face bi-annually, at our national specialty and at our mid-year meeting. The Board also utilizes conference calls and e-meetings as necessary to facilitate club operations. All board meetings are open to any LCA member in good standing.

The Board may each year appoint standing committees to advance the work of the Club in such matters as breeding, conformation shows, companion and performance events, trophies, annual prizes, membership and other fields which may well be served by committees. Special committees may also be appointed by the Board to aid it on particular projects. However, unless specifically renewed by vote of the Board, all special committees shall expire annually at the time of the general meeting, held at our National Specialty. All committees shall always be subject to the final authority of the Board. Standing committees shall include, but not be limited to: Breeding, Governance, Show, LeoLetter, Election, Membership, and Health, Research & Education committees.

We have several LCA Regional affiliated clubs throughout the country, offering numerous opportunities for LCA-sanctioned shows, regional club picnics, sledding days or camp-outs!  These regional gatherings are the perfect way to be introduced to your first Leonberger, meet local Leonberger owners, and take advantage of the opportunity to learn more about the breed. You will find our regional clubs to be most welcoming to everyone  Please feel free to contact your local LCA Regional affiliated club.

You will find extended information on the different facets of the LCA by following the links in the main menu.

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